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  Areas of Study


  • Method Acting

  • Acting for Camera

  • Improvisation


  Age Groups


  • 7-9

  • 10-12

  • 13-17

  • 18 and older





  Options include, but are not        

  limited to:

  • 1 day Method Class 

  • 5 day Intensive

  • Evening Method class for adults

  • Evening Improvisation class for adults

Jeremy offers acting workshops for students of all ages and experience levels. The workshop can be tailored to fit your institution’s needs with regard to areas of study, age groups and the duration of the workshop.

Daily Schedule of 5 Day Acting Intensive (Sample)

9am - 11am - Improvisation

  • Performance based improvisation skills are taught that inspire the actor’s imagination, spontaneity and intuition.


11am - 12pm - Break for lunch 

12pm - 2pm - Method Acting


  • Fundamental Method acting principles are taught that introduce or deepen the actor’s understanding of various concepts and principles such as creating a character, creating real behavior, script analysis, stage presence and scene study.


2pm - 4pm - Acting for Camera


  • Students learn the technical and artistic aspects of auditioning for film and acting for film. Students learn how to apply the Method to acting for film.


Contact Information


Workshops will be developed to fit your needs and will include a detailed schedule and cost per student. Location will be at your institute or school. 


“Jeremy Kruse’s book, The Young Actor’s Handbook, leads the young actor on the correct path. Jeremy is an experienced acting teacher who has broken down acting in an academic way while nurturing the soul of the actor.”

           - Vincent D’Onofrio

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